I'm Georges, but my friends call me Geo

I like to think of us as friends who haven't met yet!

Here's a bit about me and who I am

* subject to change

Who am I?

I’ll describe myself in 3 words: kind, curious, and analytical*.

Growing up, I was all about extreme sports, embracing the outdoors, and jumping into any adventure. Now, I’m focused on personal growth and more intellectual challenges.

I value understanding the truth. It helps us act in harmony with reality, free from bias. By actively seeking different perspectives and ideas, we get closer to this truth, informing our actions across various aspects of life. The truth is very important to me.

What do I do?

As a mechanical engineer* curious individual, I’m driven by understanding, innovating, and problem-solving.

After university, I spent four years working at a marine engineering firm designing steering systems for everything, from yachts to navy vessels. I wore many hats from product design and systems engineering to technical project management and sales. I learned a ton but I reached a ceiling so it was time for change.

I’m currently on a year-long sabbatical, diving into personal projects, exploring my curiosities, and trying things. Along the way i’m picking up skills like writing, coding, and public speaking as I gear up for whatever’s next.

If you’re curious, you can find out what i’m doing now or take a look at my resume.

What am I interested in?

I’m interested in a lot of things! On any given day, you might find me engaged in or learning about:

If we share some interests or it seems like we’d get along, please reach out, I’d love to connect! (Even if it’s to exchange some offensive memes)